During 2019 DNN Summit, CEO of DNN Software, Andy Tryba publicly admitted to using Squarespace over DNN for former’s ease of use and overall user experience.

Since then, we’ve been on a mission to bridge this UX gap between DNN and other modern CMS’s and Site Builders.

Vanjaro is built on DNN Platform and offers a seamless UX with a new front-end; not just a Persona Bar replacement but a new paradigm with no edit mode, themes, panes, skin objects, or core modules.

And I almost forget to mention that this new UX will be open source, free for all, and forever.

CEO & Founder of

Get ready to be amazed. Experience a new UX that is comparable to Wix.com, SquareSpace, and Weebly.

Ease of use that is unparalleled to anything we've seen before in DNN ecosystem.

A new seamless user experience with Drag & Drop Live Editor, Responsive Editing, Automatic Revision History, Workflow Management, and In context, user aware, centralized site administration.

Experience a new UX that's compatible with your custom DNN Modules, and hundreds of existing solutions on DNN Store and elsewhere.

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Road Ahead

June 2020  


We’ll be feature complete for initial version and focus on bug fixing and stabilization

July 2020  

Release Candidate

The focus will be product stabilization

Summer 2020  

Official Release

We’ll have the official release after RC has been validated by end users and passed all verifications and tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may install Vanjaro on your existing DNN site like any other DNN Extension.

For a seamless user experience, Vanjaro distributions are also available that already include an minimal copy of the latest DNN Platform.

Yes. You may remove Vanjaro by executing a simple one-line script via SQL Console. You will then be able to uninstall Vanjaro like any other DNN Extension.

Upon uninstallation, you will lose any content that was created with Vanjaro; just like any other DNN Extension.

You may install the latest version of Vanjaro distribution to upgrade.

Yes. You may upgrade to the latest version of the DNN Platform to resolve any critical security issues.

For a seamless user experience, Vanjaro distributions will be immediately updated to include an exact copy of the latest DNN Platform. But if needed, for any reason, you may install the latest DNN Upgrade directly.

Vanjaro is in active development and requires the latest version of DNN; as of now, that is DNN 9.5.0.

Yes. Any DNN module or extension that is compatible with DNN 9.5.0 or above would work with Vanjaro.

Vanjaro is managed by the team of Mandeeps.com - A leading vendor in DNN ecosystem for over 15+ years.

A year worth of planning and development by 15 engineers. As of now, Vanjaro comprises of 62+ Visual Studio Projects, and 100K+ lines of source code. We've invested over $300,000 in resources; and we just got started.

It would be unfair if we didn't mention the 10+ years of Intellectual Property and code that is donated by Mandeeps.com to Vanjaro project.

Vanjaro is open source, free for all, and forever.

Strategically, it's extremely important to us to maintain a single optimized version of the product.Therefore, we will not have multiple versions or flavors of this product. Instead, we'll rely on ancillary services to generate revenue such as SaaS - Software as a Service, commercial apps and extensions, services, and support.

Vanjaro Sites will allow users to instantly create a new site just like Wix.com, SquareSpace, or WordPress. We’ll have similar pricing models targeting both individuals and agencies with whitelabel support.

Vanjaro Cloud will allow users to instantly spin up a new instance of Vanjaro with full Superuser access.

On Premises or Self Hosted license would also be available with multiple tiers of support for enterprise customers.

We don’t have any official pricing information at this time but would love to hear your thoughts on our Slack Channel.

Start by joining us on Slack.

Download the latest available build and help with testing, bug reporting, sharing ideas, and features.

If you're a developer, help us by reviewing and contributing code. Create a new app or other extension and offer it on Vanjaro App Store, either as a commercial or free app.

Everyone can help by creating awareness and promoting Vanjaro via blog posts, tweets, and social networks.

Vanjaro App Store will allow users to quickly find and seamlessly install new extensions. Extensions can be free or paid.

Join us on slack and let us know if you're interested in selling on Vanjaro App Store.

Vanjaro is built upon the foundation that took 10+ years to build at Mandeeps.com. It's importantthat we refactor the codebase and remove any commercially licensed components before we push out to GitHub under an open source license.

We're actively working on this refactoring and our goal is to push the source code to GitHub along with our BETA release.