During 2019 DNN Summit, CEO of DNN Software, Andy Tryba publicly admitted to using Squarespace over DNN for former’s ease of use and overall user experience.

Since then, we’ve been on a mission to bridge this UX gap between DNN and other modern CMS’s and Site Builders.

Vanjaro is built on DNN Platform and offers a seamless UX with a new front-end; not just a Persona Bar replacement but a new paradigm with no edit mode, themes, panes, skin objects, or core modules.

And I almost forget to mention that this new UX will be open source, free for all, and forever.

CEO & Founder of

Get ready to be amazed. Experience the new UX that is comparable to Wix.com, SquareSpace, and Weebly.

Ease of use that is unparalleled to anything we've seen before in DNN ecosystem.

A new seamless user experience with Drag & Drop Live Editor, Responsive Editing, Automatic Revision History, Workflow Management, and In context, user aware, centralized site administration.

Experience a new UX that's compatible with your custom DNN Modules, and hundreds of existing solutions on DNN Store and elsewhere.


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Feb 25 2020
1:50 PM EST DNN Summit 2020, Orlando

Revive DNN - Experience the New UX

Join Mandeep Singh in person at DNN Summit 2020, Orlando for a live demonstration that will forever change DNN as we know it today.