Live Editing

Visually build, design, and customize any part of your site with a drag & drop editor. Zero coding required. 

Auto Save Draft & Versioning

Automatically saves content for staging and maintains revisions for history and rollback.

Quick Tools

Quickly copy, paste, undo, or redo your changes with toolbar icons or using keyboard shortcuts. 


A navigation tree panel providing easy access to every block on the page. Navigator is extremely useful for particularly long pages with complex or nested design.

Full Screen & Preview

Switch to full screen mode when editing a page. Use the preview option to quickly see a real time preview of the page with functional links and apps. 

Integrated Experience

Double click to edit anything! Browse, search, and quickly compare images and videos.

Royalty Free Images & Videos

Native integration with Pixabay makes it easy to search and add thousands of royalty free images & videos.

YouTube Videos 

Native integration with YouTube makes it easy to search and add YouTube videos from within the platform.

Image Editor

Integrated image editor to quickly crop, flip, rotate, draw, add shapes & icons, or apply filters

Responsive Design

Design, preview, and customize for every device including mobile, tablet, and desktop

Fast Page Speeds

Vanjaro is optimized for page speed and performance. 


Vanjaro has everything you need to boast your search engine rankings.