User Roles & Groups

Create & manage users across multiple roles & groups with designated permissions

Unlimited Roles

Create a separate role for each tier of membership such as Silver, Gold, or Platinum. 

Custom roles allows an administrator to restrict or grant access on need to know basis

Unlimited Groups

Use different groups to segregate collaborators, editors, designers, or approvers across different departments such as Marketing, Sales, Support, or Legal.

Member Areas

Grant or restrict granular permissions on hierarchical pages, sections, assets, and form submissions to create member areas. 

User Management

Granular permissions on hierarchical pages, sections, blog posts, assets, and form submissions. 

Unlimited Users

Quickly create an account with an email or sign in using social authentication. 

Login as User

Admins can quickly sign in as another user to troubleshoot or assist with a specific use case. 

User Settings

Complete user management includes user access control, password recovery, and audit log.

Profile Management

Create custom profiles with unlimited fields to meet your business needs. Optionally, enforce users to complete their profile before signing on and using the site.