Performance Matters

Higher page speeds directly correlates to improved user experience, increased page views, and higher conversions. 
With recent Google algorithm updates incorporating Page Experience, performance has never been more important for SEO than ever.

Vanjaro is built for performance. When put to the test, it tops the charts for speed, SEO, accessibility, and best practices.

Image Optimization & Delivery

Images are the single biggest component of a page size and significantly impact the performance

Next Gen Image Format

Vanjaro automatically converts images to the modern webP format for exceptional lossy and lossless compression. 

It produces images that are 26% smaller compared to PNGs and 25% to 35% smaller compare to JPEGs. WebP also supports transparency and on average produces 3x smaller images in size when compared to transprent PNGs.

On average, WebP results in 30% increase in performance. The platform seamlessly manages the conversion and automatically serves the original image to older browsers that do not support WebP format.

Responsive Images

Typically you need a dedicated human resource to optimally resize images across a wide range of viewports from mobile to ultra high definition desktops. Thankfully, it's automated with Vanjaro.

Vanjaro seamlessly creates multiple versions of both WebP and original format of the image and automatically serves the most optimized image for the active viewport. 

Not only Vanjaro manages this amazing feat across all viewports, it also factors in the Screen or Pixel Density (Device Pixel Ratio) and automatically serves the most optimized image for performance and the best user experience.

Lazy Load

Images are critical for user expierence so they're not going anywhere. They're also the single largest contributor to page bloat.

Vanjaro lazy loads images or in other words defers loading images until they're actually needed. 

Imagine a web page with dozens of images halfway through the page which will never be visible until the user scrolls down. Vanjaro optimizes the page speed by not loading these images until the user actually scrolls down and images appear in active viewport.

Behind the scenes

The platform is built to be super fast and incorporates many other strategies to optimize performance

Combine & Minify

Vanjaro automatically combines & minify all CSS and JavaScript resources to reduce the HTTP Requests and actual file size.

Data Caching

Server memory caching is used extensively to reduce the backend database roundtrips and reduce the server response time

Browser Caching

The platform leverages browser caching to improve performance and reduce bandwidth costs.

Reduce Redirects

Redirects are limited for SEO only; otherwise the platform does not leverage redirects to reduce the overall HTTP Requests.

Best Practices

The platform follows the best practices to improve the code health and overall performance

HTML DocType

Vanjaro uses the HTML doctype to prevent the browser from switching to quirks mode, which can cause the page to render in unexpected ways. 

Browser Errors

The platform minimize any errors or messages logged to the browser console. These messages are useful for developers but may slow the page down. 


HTTP/2 serves your page's resources faster and with less data between your device and the web server. 


All websites should be protected with HTTPS. The platform supports SSL and all Vanjaro Sites are automatically protected with an SSL certificate. 

Unsafe Destinations

Links to cross-origin destinations (external links) can expose a site to performance and security issues. Vanjaro automatically adds rel="noopener" to your target="_blank" links to avoided these issues. 

Incorrect Aspect Ratios

Platform automatically adjusts the images based on the available width of a user's device rather than forcing a fixed ratio.