Checkout, payments, & taxes

Streamline the checkout experience to increase conversions

Checkout & Payments

Single page checkout to streamline the experience by reducing the number of steps and clicks resulting in increased revenue and conversions.

Guest Checkout

Allows customers to quickly place an order without logging in or registering an account resulting in increased revenue and conversions.

Payment  Methods & Providers

Accept online payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Checks, Wire Transfer, or Purchase Order.

Payment providers include Stripe, Square, Braintree, PayPal, and Authorize.NET.
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Capture Payments

Configure store to automatically capture & settle payment or authorize only and settle at a later time. Payments are automatically captured & settled when all items have shipped; or manually, at any time by a store manager. 

Shipping Options

Customer can choose from multiple shipping options as configured by a store manager including flat, fixed, weight based, order percentage based, or real-time rates.
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Restrict shipping & billing address to certain countries, regions, and/or postal codes.

Optionally, enforce minimum or maximum order total so a customer must purchase at least a minimum of $100 to checkout. 


Flexible taxation strategies to comply with your local laws and regulations

Fixed Tax Rates

A fixed tax rate can be specified for each Tax Schedule thus enabling a Store Manager to charge a different tax rate for each Country, Region, and/or Postal Code.

Tax Schedules

Different tax categories allow the store manager to specify different tax rates for different products. Each product is mapped to a tax schedule or marked as tax exempt. Checkout can be configured to show individual tax rates applied to each product or a combined tax rate.

Tax Location

Configure store to calculate tax based on customer billing address, shipping address, or an admin specified address.

Exempt Customers

Maintain a sales tax permit # and expiry date for each customer that is exempt for taxes.

Taxable Shipping

Optionally, shipping rate can also be taxed. A tax schedule can be mapped for shipping tax as well.


Automatically collects and verifies VAT number if EU VAT is enabled for customer’s country. Automatically applies VAT based on EU VAT rules.

Tax Inclusive Pricing

Set prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes. 
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