It's easy to design responsive and accessible forms

Easy to use

Create forms in minutes with drag and drop interface.
Explore Ease of Use
Explore Ease of Use


Forms look stunning across all devices including mobile, tablet, and desktops. 
Explore Responsive Design
Explore Responsive Design


Forms comply with ADA Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 guidelines.
Explore Accessibility
Explore Accessibility


Intuitively build forms for every use case including multi-page, membership, and surveys.

Every use case

Includes all the basic fields necessary to build a form for every use case. In addition, 25+ common fields such as Fullname, Email, and Phone are pre-configured to increases productivity. 

Multi Page Forms

Split those long forms in multiple pages with easy guided navigation including page numbers, titles, progress bar, percentage, and/or x of y.

Save & Resume Later

Allow users to save their work and resume at a later time. A unique link is automatically generated and optionally emailed to the user to resume from where they left of.

Membership Forms

Create membership forms to sign up or sign in a user, update their profile, and add or remove them from a security role


Gather user feedback and create amazing surveys with star rating, scale rating, and matrix grid with multiple input types.

Files & Attachments

Allows users to upload and attach one or multiple files. Ability to restrict allowed file extensions and specify max file size.

Create Smart Forms

Create smart forms with logical workflow & branching without writing a single line of code

Show or hide a field

Use conditional logic to show or hide a field. For example, only show “Do you smoke?” if “Are you over 18?” is “Yes”

Skip to a page

Use conditional logic to skip to a specific page or even at the end of a form depending on the user input. 

Require a field

Use conditional logic to require a field based on user input on another field. For example, if “Are you an excising customer?” is “Yes” then require “Customer ID”

Bind a field via JavaScript

Bind or update a field by evaluating JavaScript; optionally based on another field

Workflow Actions

Use conditional logic to redirect a user to another page, execute arbitrary JavaScript code, or show a message to the user after submission.

Membership Actions

Create membership forms that can automatically create an account for the user, log the user in, update their profile, and add or remove them from a security role based on user input

Multilingual Forms

Reach out to your global audience. Create forms and surveys in multiple languages. 
Localize all content including validation error messages. Option to save submissions in default or localized language.


Form submissions or responses are automatically saved 

View & Download Responses

View form submissions or responses by date range or export data to a comma delimited file (CSV).

Autoresponders & Notifications

Acknowledge your users that you have received their submission using an auto responder. Setup one or multiple notifications to notify of new submissions. Use smart forms to route emails to different users based on user input.

Simple Payments & Donations

Built in credit card and currency fields to accept simple payments & donations 


Collect payments and donations on your site using your Stripe account. 


Redirect to PayPal to collection payments and donations. 


Collect payments and donations on your site using your Authorize.NET account.


It's drag and drop easy to design responsive and accessible forms


Restrict access to form designer, exports, and more by role or user basis. 

Spam Protection

Built in spam and abuse protection by Google ReCaptcha.


Built in validation for common fields with ability to write your own RegEx. 


Forms integrate with following services

Email Marketing

Collect leads on your Vanjaro site and add to your Email Marketing subscribers