Sell Anything

Tools for merchandising, pricing, inventory management, shipping, and fulfillment

Sell Products

Showcase your products with rich product listings


Build your product catalog with rich product listings. Give your customers an ultimate shopping experience with rich product descriptions, embedded images, related products, and other product awareness strategies.

Categories & Manufacturers

A product can be assigned a manufacturer and multiple categories. Nest categories to create hierarchical navigation. 

Specifications & Variations 

Specifications allow customers to quickly compare and filter products. 

Use variations to manage pricing, cost, weight, images, inventory, and downloads for products that come in more than one option such as a shirt that is available in multiple colors and sizes.

Custom Fields & Configurable Products

Great for configurable products such as build your own bundle, add an engraving message, or provide special instructions. Custom fields include dropdowns, radio-buttons, checkbox, textbox, and multiline textbox.

Visibility & Scheduling

Schedule products to appear between specific dates. Restrict products to a specific role. Individually hide products from product catalog, search results, or making it only accessible via direct URL.

Sell Services

It's easy to sell services that require no physical inventory or shipping. 


Pricing strategies for everyone

Regular Price & Cost 

Prices can be shown with or without taxes; including optional suffix such as “Inc Tax” or “Excl Tax”. Cost allows reporting on margins and net profit.

Sale Price 

On Sale is a great tool to market your products. Optionally, schedule the sale to be effective between a specific date range only.

Group & Dealer Price

Special pricing for certain roles. This could be members only pricing.

Tiered Pricing & Volume Discounts

Buying in bulk? Create volume discounts with tiered pricing. Catalog can be customized to show "As Low As Price"

Customer Enters Price

Allows customers to enter their own price such as a custom amount for donation.

Call for Price

Don’t want to advertise a price for a special product? Ask the customers to call you instead.

Disable Buy Button

Disable the buy button when you don’t want a customer to purchase the product but still want it visible in the product catalog. 


Manage your inventory with ease

Track by Product or Variation

Manage inventory at a product or variation level. You may want to track how many shirts of a specific design you have in stock; or you could dive deeper and track by different colors and sizes of same design.

Display Stock Availability

Let the customers know if you have the product in stock or not. Stock levels can be shown in real time, hidden, or can be forced to show In or Out of Stock.

Inventory Notifications

Let the warehouse or inventory manager know when a product drops below a certain level so it can be re-ordered. 

Configurable to disable the buy button preventing customers from purchasing an out of stock product, take the product completely offline, or let the customers continue to purchase a back ordered item.

Enforce min or max order quantity

Need to move inventory quicker? Configure a product so at least 5 or more quantities must be purchased. On the other hand, you may want to limit maximum quantity to 1 if you have a hot product with limited supply.

Shipping & Fullfilment

Shipping rates for businesses of any size. Automatic shipments, label creation, and tracking updates with Shippo integration.


Physically ship items in one or multiple shipments; each with its own tracking number. Each shipment includes its own packing slip. Automate shipments with native integration with Shippo. 

Real-time Shipping Rate

Offer real-time shipping rates from USPS, UPS, and FedEx. 
Explore Extensions

Flat Rate 

A flat rate is charged based on selected shipping method such as $5 for Ground, $15 for Next Day, and $30 for overnight. Create as many shipping methods as you like.

Weight Based Rate

A shipping rate is calculated by multiplying order weight by Rate per weight unit. For example, Shipping will be $24 for an order that weighs 4 pounds and rate per weight unit is $6 per pound.

Order Total Percentage Rate

A shipping rate is calculated by multiplying order subtotal by Rate percentage. For example, Shipping will be $10 for an order subtotal of $100 and rate percentage of 10%.

Restrict Shipping Methods

Apply a Shipping Method & Rate for the entire country or override at Region or Postal Code level.

Free Shipping

Products can be configured to ship free and self-promote by displaying a Free Shipping badge.

Additional Charge

Individual products can have an additional shipping or handling charge such as due to oversize packaging.

Configurable Measures

Specify a length, width, height, weight, and unit of measure for each product. Use metric or imperial system or create your own measures for dimensions, weight, and units of measures.