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Is Vanjaro still actively being developed?

Hi, I just started playing around with this and see some great features, however I don't want to be quick to begin using something that is not still being developed. Please let me know if this product is still in production. I am using the Vanjaro module for DNN, and am going off of what I see on Github and how it's been almost a year with no updates.  Thanks!

Josiah Olhava Josiah Olhava
asked 03/13/2023 02:45

Allow Blog Name to be Edited

It would be nice to have the ability to edit the name of each person's blog. Currently, it simply repeats the author or blogger's name when a blog post is displayed or viewed.

William Jeansonne William Jeansonne
asked 01/24/2023 23:02

Add Open Graph Support for Sharing of Content on Social Media Sites

Please add the code necessary to properly render images in blogs and web pages on social media sites LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Currently, if a blog post or content on a Vanjaro hosted website is shared to a social media site it is truncated and pulls the site's logo image as the main graphic instead of the image embedded in the blog post or web page. 

William Jeansonne William Jeansonne
asked 01/10/2023 19:02

Hold scroll position when opening Vanjaro panel

When I scroll down a page, see something to edit, and open the Vanjaro panel, it loads a bunch of stuff and resets scroll position to top / 0. It does the same thing when finishing the edit, publishing the page, and closing the panel. I like that it does that when I close the panel - it feels natural. I dislike that it does that when opening the Vanjaro panel. To me, it feels like the postback era and feels outdated, even though it isn't. I believe that if Vanjaro held screen position when opening ...

Eric Swanzey Eric Swanzey
asked 10/06/2022 22:44

Option to format text as a list

It would be nice to be able to format text as a list (dot points). There is a "List" option in blocks, but its very inefficient and difficult to use, it would be so much easier if you could just format text as a list: Text1 Text2 Text3

Inna K Inna K
asked 09/06/2022 04:23

Blog - option for post to specify screen-wide or site-wide container.

I don't think it's possible to have the blog be screen-wide. It would be really nice to have the option.

Eric Swanzey Eric Swanzey
asked 08/30/2022 20:40

Blog Widget - photo / no photo option

Why no photo display in any of the blob widget views? It would be nice to have that as a display Yes/No option.

Eric Swanzey Eric Swanzey
asked 08/30/2022 20:42

Blog writing tools and templates

As already mentioned below, the current drag and drop solution for posting blogs is inefficient and time consuming. I can't finish even one blog post - it takes ages! Please introduce some blog templates or other blog writing tools to make the process more efficient.

Inna K Inna K
asked 09/05/2022 11:22

YouTube Video block - "Allow Fullscreen" setting

YouTube videos embed with the fullscreen option disabled. I believe that adding this as a setting (Allow Fullscreen: Yes / No), and if enabled would add "fs-1" to the request would enable the fullscreen mode option during playback.

Eric Swanzey Eric Swanzey
asked 08/25/2022 22:54

Add Online Image search when Editing a Vanjaro Blog Post

I love the ability to add images from the Online Image search tab when writing a blog post in Vanjaro. Would it be possible to add that same functionality to the Blog Edit function when adding the main image for the blog post itself? It only has a local folders image search at this time.

William Jeansonne William Jeansonne
asked 08/26/2022 20:06

Blog default post template(s)

It would help to have the ability to revise/set the default blog post. Even better would be the ability to choose from a set of self-defined templates.

Eric Swanzey Eric Swanzey
asked 08/24/2022 13:21

Migrate DNN module titles during conversion to Vanjaro

In Vanjaro 1.5.0, page conversion now converts any h1-h6 text it encounters as Header blocks, excellent! I think it would make sense to convert any DNN module titles to H1 that are encountered, but only when "Show Container" in DNN is equal to TRUE. Currently, module titles are ignored.

Eric Swanzey Eric Swanzey
asked 08/23/2022 23:51

Video block - start time setting

I posted a blog with some YouTube videos, quick and easy with Vanjaro. But here's the thing, the videos had some awful intro footage. So, I would love to have the ability to set a video start time.

Eric Swanzey Eric Swanzey
asked 08/23/2022 23:48

Here's something that would save hours of migration time

A common element encountered during page conversions is the UL and OL list. When these lists contain links comingled with bold and italics, or who knows what, the end product is more than often unusable - at least in the types of technical content that I sometimes work with. Since Vanjaro is so fast, I often find that the quickest path to resolution is to simply create a new block (a list in this case), and copy/paste each list item. In the WP world of doing a similar type of migration, here's a tool that saves ...

Eric Swanzey Eric Swanzey
asked 08/23/2022 23:55

Image Gallery - prev/next

The Portfolio block has a nice Previous/Next option when clicking items, it would be useful to see Image Gallery also have that capability

Eric Swanzey Eric Swanzey
asked 08/23/2022 23:49

Shouldn't there be a Table block?

Like the subject says. After all, Table blocks are created during page migration. They're just uneditable is all.

Eric Swanzey Eric Swanzey
asked 08/23/2022 23:53

Domain Based Email Accounts

Add the ability to purchase domain based email accounts for a business or organization that is hosted on Vanjaro. Essentially, allow a customer to purchase email addresses that match the domain and business name for their Vanjaro hosted website. currently hosts our email for our DNN website using SmarterMail. Something similar to that would be terrific!

William Jeansonne William Jeansonne
asked 08/02/2022 04:04

Create a marketplace

Adding a vendor option to the website so individual vendors can list and manage orders and shipment while admin can see the entire store. Seen this question pop up on you AS deal. It'll be a great addition.

James Alan James Alan
asked 05/26/2022 08:17

Xero accounting software integration

Xero accounting software integration would be great, or at least an integration with Pabbly as was suggested earlier

Inna K Inna K
asked 07/06/2022 02:02

Please Rework Blog Formatting and Publishing

The current drag and drop solution for posting blogs is inefficient/not viable.  Professional blogs for business need optimization and strategized content.  We often write our blogs elsewhere where we can enrich our content with SEO Keywords, images and such.  In order to publish on Vanjaro, we're unable to copy/paste our material.  We're forced to add all new H2, separating each H2 from the body of the text, as well as images just so we can publish on Vanjaro.  This is tedious.  Please fix this.

thrive content lab thrive content lab
asked 06/19/2022 21:45

Integration with Pabbly connect please

Vanjaro is the main website and center to all of my products...If i can get pabbly connect lots of my issues can be solved easily. I can integrate Kirim email also via Pabbly Thank you

Madhavarao Bheesetti Madhavarao Bheesetti
asked 06/22/2022 12:00

Paystack or flutterwave payment gateways

Can you please add paystack or flutterwave for the African market?

louisa Betty louisa Betty
asked 06/27/2022 05:08

Plain Text Login Button

I have had many users ask about adding an icon to the signin block that allows users to view the plain text of their password.  Long passwords may be the reason?

Robert Flynn Robert Flynn
asked 06/23/2022 17:07

Online booking

It would be great to be able to schedule, accept and manage appointments and take payments for the appointments.

Inna K Inna K
asked 06/16/2022 20:32

Multi-level structure for resell agencies (3 Tier)

Reseller/Main Agency account Structure: Tier 3 = Reseller/Agency - super admin of all tiers and allow for resell w/subscription billing Tier 2 = Standard Agency (non-reseller) / Parent Company Tier 1= Child / Subaccounts below parent/agency account

Cameron Needham Cameron Needham
asked 06/15/2022 20:23
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