SEO Foundation

Search engine optimization requires a solid foundation to build on

Google PageSpeed Optimization

Vanjaro automatically optimizes for Google PageSpeed using Lighthouse best practices upon publishing and republishing. 
Explore Performance

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile friendly design is a critical component for search engine optimization. 
Explore Responsive Design
Explore Responsive Design

Accessible Pages

Sites that are accessible by all users improves SEO rankings by using clean semantic code and following WCAG 2.1 guidelines.
Explore Accessibility
Explore Accessibility


SSL certificates are included with all Vanjaro Sites and automatically boost your site's security and SEO rankings.
Explore Security
Explore Security

SEO Basics

Everything you need to boost your SEO rankings

Page Title & Description

Customize the page title and description of each page and blog post for optimal search engine visibility. 

Heading Importance

Heading tags are applied according to the level of importance with H1 as the main title of the page or blog post and H2 to H6 sequentially following. 

Alternate Text

Improves accessibility and SEO rankings by improving the ability of search engines to discover images on your site.

Hide a page

Easily hide a specific page from search engines to prevent specific content from indexing.

Clean & Friendly URLs

Total control over auto generated, logical, and friendly URLs

Logical URLs

Logical URLs are auto generated from page or blog post title. 

Custom URLs

Customize URLs for each page or blog post including separate custom URLs for each separate language

301 Redirects

Automatic 301 redirects allows you to change the URL of a page or blog post without losing the SEO value. Search engines will redirect to the new URL and re-index accordingly. 


Prevents duplicate content penalization by search engines by correctly using canonical tag to identify the master page or blog post with identical content. 

SEO Tools

Share image, title, and description with social networks. Increase discoverability with structured data and sitemap.

Open Graph Tags

Control the image appearing with content when your site is shared on social networks. 

Structured Data

Site content such as products or blog posts are automatically and correctly marked up to help improve search engine indexing.


Automatic and dynamic sitemap URL that is ready to submit to search engines within ability to specify priority for individual pages. 

404 Error Page

Prevent duplicate content and infinite URLs by correctly broadcasting a 404 error code when a URL no longer exists. 


3rd party integrations to improve, measure, and analyze SEO rankings

Google Analytics

Native integration with Google Analytics to view, measure, analyze your site traffic.