Hierarchical Pages

Create unlimited hierarchical pages, folders, redirects, and anchors


Create unlimited hierarchical pages. Optionally, hide them from navigation or secure access to specific users or roles.


Organize your pages in unlimited hierarchical folders to create sub navigation.


Platform automatically manages 301 redirects on name changes. It's easy to add a redirect to an external link as well.


Use anchors to scroll to a specific section within page. It's quick and easy to create one page websites with anchor navigation.

Web Content Management System

Vanjaro has everything for content creation, access control, reuse, scheduling, and search engine optimization


Hide a page, folder, redirect, or anchor from navigation menu. Protect your content with access control & permissions. 
Explore Permissions
Explore Permissions


Every page can be customized with its own friendly URL, title, and description.
Explore SEO
Explore Permissions


Schedule content to go live at a certain date and time and automatically expire and remove itself at a designated date and time.
Explore Content Scheduling
Explore Content Scheduling


Reduce maintenance, content creation time, and ensure consistent layout throughout your site by saving pages as templates. 
Explore Content Reuse
Explore Content Reuse

Copy Page

Reduce content creating time by quickly copying an existing page with all settings and content intact.

Soft Delete & Recovery

Deleted pages, folders, redirects, and anchors can be easily recovered until permanently removed.

Set Page As

Designate individual pages to customize features, workflow, and errors

Site pages

Individuals pages can be designated as the home, sign in, sign up, user profile, search results, terms, or privacy page. 

Workflow pages

Membership workflow can be customized by designating specific page to show after registration, show after login, or show after logout.

Error pages

Designate a separate page for 404 or 500 errors.