Template Library

Reduce content creation time by starting with a curated site template, page, or block

Site Template

Create a site in minutes by starting with a curated template that is ready to customize with your brand colors, fonts, and unique content. 


Quickly add a new page from a library of choices and customize it with your own content. 


Choose from hundreds of blocks in library to quickly add content to a page or a blog post.

Global & Custom Blocks

Use global & custom blocks  to manage recurring layout and content across entire site

Global Blocks

Create identical copies of recurring layouts that have same content, like Header & Footer. Edit them in one place and see the changes apply across all instances throughout the site. 

Custom Blocks

Turn any layout and content into a reusable custom block. Custom blocks are unique per instance and content changes do not impact other custom blocks. 

Page Templates

Reuse content and reduce content creation time by starting with a page template


Quickly duplicate an existing page or blog post and use it as a template to create a new one. 

Save as Template

Save an existing page as a template to that's always available as a starting point for a new page.